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Family based finances...

Discover our unique process today!

"Since 1984 FFEC has been a place that clients can trust. Our unique approach to financial education has always centered around families. We believe that financially strong homes today, lay the foundation to bright futures for tomorrow's generation."

-Larry McLean, Founder

Become Financially Fit

"I sat down with Larry in 2010 having lost half my 401k savings from 2008-2009. Larry gave me an education I will never forget. He turned my financial nightmare into hope and direction for my family's future."

-Brian M.

Protection For the Future

FFEC has been teaching Northeast Florida residents how to plan for life and retirement since 1987. Our unique approach to protecting assets, increasing income, and reducing taxes has made us the most sought after planning firm in our area! If you do not have a comprehensive plan in place, contact us today. Set an appointment in our offices located in St. Augustine or from the comfort of your own home.  

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Stay on the cutting edge of your financial planning. Make sure you are getting the most out of your money.

Business Solutions

Manage cash flow, reduce risk, save money on taxes now and in the future!


Homeowners Insurance

Protect what's most precious. Contact our office today to see if you have  adequate coverage for home, auto, business, and life.

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