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Family based finances...

Discover our unique process today!


Unlike financial advisors, who primarily focus on advising their clients about specific financial products they sell - 401k, IRA, Mutual Funds, & Stocks, FFEC teaches a proven personal financial literacy program that is based on 7 steps that allow people to get immediate control of their spending, debt, savings, and taxation. We have  a comprehensive financial management system that helps individuals and families effectively manage every aspect of their financial lives.


Have you ever said to yourself, "if only I had more money...?" The truth is you actually have a lot more than you think! At FFEC, we teach clients how to manage, maximize, and take control of their entire financial picture. You can live within your means and double, or even triple your wealth.

It all begins with our 7 steps!

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     > Would you like to get out of debt in half the time, including your mortgage, without spending any additional dollars?


Financial Foundation:

     > Do you have a well-established emergency fund?


Asset Accumulation:

    > Have you enacted a plan to reach your long term goals?



    > Do you wish to maintain your current lifestyle during retirement?



    > Are you familiar with recent changes in tax laws and retirement planning?


Risk Management:

    > In the event something happens to you, would you or your family still be able to achieve the goals and dreams you worked so hard for?







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