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Our Founder

Larry McLean


Larry has been in the financial industry since May 1987. He is President of FFEC, LLC and founder of the United States Patent and Trade Mark Office registered Your Family Bank concept. He is also the guiding visionary force in the development of people, programs and software consisting of over 1,000 affiliates and encompassing five independent businesses.

His enthusiasm, talent, and desire to be the very best at all he attempts, along with his strong professional and personal ethics, based on an immutable belief in the Christian faith, compel him to be the very best at everything he undertakes-always placing the client's best interest first. His extraordinary accomplishments place him at the top of his profession!




el s1.jpg
E.L. McLean

Vice President 

Andrew C.

Case Design Manager

heather 2.jpeg
Heather S.

Office Manager

Michelle D.

Front Office Lead

Caleb S.

Licensing & Contracting

delhead good.jpg
Del D.

Case Design Team Lead

Dawne H.

Front Office 

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